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FootPRINT Fund

We are excited to launch the Allegra of Lansing FootPRINT Fund®, which awards marketing communications and print services, through Allegra of Lansing, to select applicant nonprofit organizations to help enhance their image, expand their services and extend their marketing communications and printing budgets.

Submit your application below:

Who is Eligible?

The FootPRINT Fund® is available to any nonprofit group, association or charitable organization throughout the greater Lansing area that meets the FootPRINT Fund® selection criteria.


What is the Value of Services Awarded?

Services are awarded at a maximum value of $1,500 per organization for the award year. Applicants may receive services in the value of the amount requested or in a lower amount depending on the number of applications in a given year.

Services include marketing planning, graphic design, printing, signs & banners, copying, bindery or automated mailing. Applicants are encouraged to reapply in the following year.

All awarded print and marketing communications services must be used within the same calendar year the award was received. Awards may only be used for projects originating during these dates and not to offset any existing balances due to Allegra.


How Do We Apply?

To be considered for a FootPRINT Fund® award, complete the application form below.

The applications are received from September 9th to December 20th, 2019. Applicants who are awarded will be notified on January 20th, 2020.


What are the Selection Criteria?

Applications are reviewed by a panel of representatives from the community as well as Allegra of Lansing. The panel responds in writing to all applications that are submitted in accordance with the application deadline. Organizations should not assume an award has been given until such notification. Any eligible organization or association can apply and need not be a customer of Allegra of Lansing.


Award recipients are selected based upon how the print services will be used to further the organization’s goals, including:

  • Service expansion – Use of print and marketing communications services to contribute to expanding an organization’s awareness or existing service projects.
  • Program enhancements – Use of print and marketing communications services to promote new programs or projects.
  • Leveraged efforts – Use of print and marketing communications services to increase the impact of other existing resources.


We’re here to help you impact the lives of others. Community support is a core value at Allegra of Lansing. The FootPRINT Fund® is designed to aid nonprofit organizations in their quest to create lasting impressions.

We hope the FootPRINT Fund® we have established will help our local organizations and associations leave their “footprints” in our community through increased awareness and visibility.

We challenge each of you to use these print and marketing communications services awards to build a better community, one step at a time.



The FootPRINT Fund® awards print and marketing communications services through Allegra of Lansing, to select nonprofit organizations to help enhance their image, expand their services and extend their print and marketing communications budgets.


FootPRINT Fund® Application

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