Here at Allegra, we are all about continuous improvement and lean thinking. Check out some of our favorite videos below or visit our YouTube channel for more ideas.

At Allegra of Lansing, we pride ourselves in making our manufacturing processes lean and efficient--which translates to faster turnaround time and more savings for you. When our die rack was getting hard to navigate, we came up with an improvement to save time and headache. Check out our die rack improvements!

At Allegra we know that a clean and tidy space means you will work more efficiently. Shirley's desk had become cluttered--making it difficult for her to find what she needed quickly. She decided to eliminate all the waste from her desk and create a lean system so she always knows where to find what she needs. See the before and after for yourself.

How do we avoid ever running out of our house paper stocks without taking up valuable inventory space? We created a unique Kanban system that lets us know exactly when to order new stock, so we never have too much or too little inventory on hand.

Sometimes your problem isn't what you see on the surface. Watch as Ben explains how to keep asking questions until you uncover the root of a problem and find a permanent solution. 

There can often be a lot of wasted time and motion when it comes to plating a printing job. Dave and Tony have figured out a way to streamline this process and decrease mistakes--resulting in quicker turnaround for you our customer!